Paul Verhoeven’s timeless masterpiece has become a true ’90s classic, and the duet of Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone is one of the most exciting in the history of the genre. The director had to re-edit the film 14 times to get the coveted R rating. Nothing had to be fixed for our release. In 2021, Paul Verhoeven himself worked on the restoration of the full 4K version of the film, which will be shown for the first time. On July 29, we will release the director’s cut in cinemas in Minsk, which at proper time did not make it to US cinemas for censorship reasons.

Disappointed with life, detective Nick Curran (Michael Douglas) is taken to investigate the murder of a rock star. The main suspect is the victim’s girlfriend, writer Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone). However, Katherine has an amazing ability to manipulate people, and Nick’s infatuation turns into obsession. Will he be able to prove her innocence and free her from suspicion? Or is she still involved in the mysterious death?

According to screenwriter Joe Eszterhas, “Basic Instinct” was created through his passion for psychological manipulation. Director Paul Verhoeven liked the script because it reflected one of his ideas: we can all be vulnerable to the seductive power of evil when it touches the dark side of our soul. “This film is a story about the attractiveness of evil, about how difficult it is to recognize it,” says Verhoeven.

Shooting the film started in San Francisco, where urban skyscrapers, steep hills, and Victorian architecture became the visual backdrop for many of the scenes in “Basic Instinct”. Also, some of the scenes were filmed in the Monterey Peninsula and in Los Angeles. Interestingly, in addition to professional actors, more than 1,500 local residents took part in the filming of “Basic Instinct”.

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