Accreditation for events

It is necessary to obtain an accreditation to cover all the ART Corporation events. Accreditation makes it possible to easily receive all the necessary information about projects and directly take part in them, work on sites and conduct interviews. Accreditation can be obtained by media representatives, bloggers, opinion leaders and experts who have their own audience and regularly publish materials in their media and online platforms.

There is a specific procedure for obtaining accreditation for coverage of the festivals “Listapad” and “TEART”.

Accreditation for Minsk International Film Festival  “Listapad”

Accreditation for International theatre festival “TEART”

To obtain accreditation for ART Corporation projects, arrange interviews and receive comments, please send your request to [email protected]

In cases of violation of the rules of work on the site, in the audience hall, during the events, the accreditation may be suspended or withdrawn.

Press materials

The presentation of all ART Corporation projects will be available at the link in the near future.

All logos of ART Corporation are available here in various formats that can be used in visual materials.

Information partnership

ART Corporation is open to cooperation with relevant Belarusian and foreign media, which are ready to provide information support to our projects.

For information partnership, please write to [email protected]