Film “II”

World premiere took place at the Warsaw Film Festival as part of the competition “Free spirit”
The film received the Jury special mention. The Belarusian premiere took place at XXVI Minsk International Film Festival “Listapad” as part of the programme “Special screenings”.

In the story, Nastya, Sasha and Kristina who are 16 years old study together in the tenth grade and live ordinary teenage lives: lessons, tutors, going to the movies, parties. Strict discipline reigns in school and it is difficult to be different from everyone else. But one day this small world will be shocked over the news which will make all the fears and prejudices revealed.

“I’ve seen a very sincere film about our real life, ourselves, our medieval fears and complete inner darkness”

Anastasia Pankratova

“It seems to me that this film is of great current interest to our society”

Pavel Kanash

“This film is fabulous! It is like a window for me to the young people world in Belarus. It touches upon very difficult topics not only for Eastern Europe, but for all people in the world”


director from Ireland
“It seems to me that it is the best feature film which I’ve seen in recent years”

Andrei Kutsila



Vlada Senkova’s film “II” will be presented in Cottbus

Another European film screening: the film “II” by Vlada Senkova will be shown at the International Festival of Eastern European…

#Don’ttelldad: the Moscow premiere of the film “II” will be presented by Anton Dolin

On September 21 in the cinema “KARO.Art” a special screening of the film “II” by the Belarusian director Vlada Senkova…

Belarusian film about teenagers “II” will be shown at the largest film festival in Scandinavia.