In advance of the performance “Prymityvy” by Alexander Marchenko, the T. O. K. project and the Flying University invites you to take part in a discussion about the possibilities, boundaries, and experience in dealing with cultural heritage. How these topics forms into the puzzle of our identity and what happens in the end – about all these things you can talk to the experts on September 17th at 17:00 at the Ok16 space. Entrance to the event is free, pre-registration is required.

The play “Prymityvy” А by Alexander Marchenko premiered in June. The performance addressed to the personality of Alena Kish plunges the audience into the social and historical context in which the artist lived and worked. But the main object for reflection is the phenomenon of cultural and human memory, the ability to analyze the present and rethink the past.


In the modern Belarusian cultural space, we meet a number of events and projects that address “the cultural heroes” of the twentieth century. They have fallen out or been thrown out of the collective memory and cultural history. These are poets, writers, and artists. Attempts to reconsider, to highlight the important things and get rid of unnecessary ones, to understand and accept the past as part of something that they own, to find a place for these phenomena in actual life – all this is like searching for and selecting the missing elements of the puzzle. The puzzle of our identity.

What is relevant for us today in that time and those “cultural heroes”? How do we look at and how do we see individuals and creativity? How to work with this heritage, in what forms do we integrate it into today’s life? In what form should it be preserved or creatively processed?

The T. O. K. project invited authors and project participants who are working on research and reconsideration of the memory of Alena Kish and her heritage to the discussion  “The Return” of Alena Kish: an Identity Puzzle”. The creators of the play “Prymityvy”: Alexander Marchenko, Alexey Andreev, and Anna Balash as well as Maxim Osipov, the artist and author of the mural “Poklik da vytokaw”, Oksana Tsiplitska, the co-founder of Muraška Adziennie, Tanya Artimovich, supervisor and researcher, Sergey Khorevsky, historian and art critic will be the speakers.

The discussion is led by Tatyana Vodolazhskaya, sociologist, methodologist, the program coordinator of the Flying University, PhD in sociology.

Photo: Anna Sharko